CTL Scientific Supply

CTL Scientific Supply is a US distributor of Macherey-Nagel rapid tests such as pH papers, test papers, adhesive dots test papers, environmental test kits, and filter papers. We also stock a large selection of BDH Prolabo chemicals as well as lab equipment.

CTL Scientific Supply offers a wide range of indicator and test papers to accurately measure pH and test many other materials. Test papers available include those for semi-quantitative determinations of ions along with a variety of cation and anion papers. Recent additions to the product line include tests for the determination of ozone, arsenic, protein residues, and various ecology test kits.

Within the United States we distribute the BDH brand of high purity reagents, biochemicals, electrophoresis products, dyes and stains, and other laboratory chemicals. Many of these products are also available in bulk. In addition, for customers requiring apparatus/lab equipment from Europe, we import upon request products from VWR UK International.